Types of Blood Groups

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Types of Blood:

The blood groups and also knows as types of blood is classified four basic elements based on absence or presence of inherited antigenic and also base on antibodies on red blood cells genes from parents. The blood divided into four main types A+, B+, AB+ and O+ and if red cells has antigens then they groups know as A-, B-, AB- and O- the two most common blood types is ABO and RhD blood group.

The Rh Blood Group System:

The Rh factor is second important blood group system after ABO. The Rh antigen is the D antigen the most significant, because the response five main Rh antigens D, C, c, E and e. Rh positive and Rh negative refer to the D antigen only.

The blood cells sometimes have another antigen, protein known as Rhesus or RhD antigen. If RhD is present it is positive (Rh+) and other hand if it is absence it call negative (Rh-). About 85% of the population have positive blood group and 36% of the population has O+ blood group it is very common blood group in human body.

The ABO blood group system:

The ABO Blood group system is the most important blood type system in blood groups. There are four blood groups describe by the absence or presence of two antigens and antibodies. The two antigens and antibody are A and B antigen and antibody. They presents of antigens in red blood cells and antibodies in the serum. The antigen property of the blood they are divided to four groups they are following;

  • A Blood Group; The A blood group has only A antigen in red cells and B antibody in the plasma.
  • B Blood Group; the B blood group has B antigen in red blood cells and A antibody in plasma.
  • AB Blood Group; the AB blood group has a both A and B antigen in red blood cells but no any antibody in the plasma.
  • O Blood Group; the O blood group has not any A or B antigens in red blood cells but both A and B antibody are in the plasma.

They are very important way to matching blood groups for a safe transfusion. Other than A and B antigens there is a one more antigen is called Rh factor, which can either present (+) or absent (-). The Rh factor to show ABO is positive or negative and it is dissuaded to positive blood group or positive patients, and negative blood groups for negative patients. But O blood groups are using for all type of patients its universal red cell donor.


Blood transfusion is the base on blood groups, there are two main types of blood Rh factor and ABO blood group system the factor are divided blood into four basic groups A, B, O and AB, they blood group divided on the base of antigens of antibodies and Rhd present or absent is the base of positive and negative blood groups. Blood transfusion into same blood group for example A+ positive blood group transfer to A+ positive patients and A- negative blood group for A- negative patients.


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