Benefits of Blood Donation

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Benefits of Blood Donation:

Benefits of blood donation include batter health, everyone donate blood with varies reason someone donate blood for the help of friend, family and other friends of friends. Some people donate blood for money.  And some donate blood just believe it the right we do. Whatever the reason of blood donation, the importance of blood donation could help three lives, human blood not manufacture blood donors is just alternative of blood patients. The blood donation not only benefits the patients, it’s also benefits of the donor’s health.

Blood donations minimize risk of blood disorders like, cancer, hemochromatosis, liver damage, bleeding disorders, AIDS, and anemia, there are some major benefits of blood donation.

Free health check-up:

First benefit of blood donation you can get full free check up. The donors only donate blood if he is full fit. Before blood donation process performed the donor check up totally free of cost. In the test check donor blood pressure abnormalities and other blood diagnose or diseases. If donor have any medical problems the find early before create a serious issue and diseases.

Weight loss:

Second great benefit of blood donation decreases the weight of the donor. Mostly people worried about him/her weight and do heavy exercise. But blood donor has advantage of weight loss with the help of needy people and again blessing by ALLAH. However before blood donation you must concern with your doctor and avoid risk of health issues.

New blood cells:

Human bone marrow produce blood cells continuously and human body require limited blood cell after three months our old blood cells destroy and new cells produce. But in case of blood donations after donate blood the body work to full fill blood needs and produce new blood cells.

The joy of saving human lives:

Help the needy and save human lives such a great feeling. There are not substitutes available for human blood; donor is the only way to full fill blood donation requirements. Whenever you donate blood you can save lives up to 3 peoples. Feel be a hero when you donate blood.

Anti-cancer benefits:

Blood donation is also help to reduce the risk of cancer. High levels of iron have been concerned in cancer. By blood donation you can manger your iron level and maintain you health cancer risk free. Someone say that “Blood donation may direct to cancer has been put into the grave.”

Healthy heart and liver:

Blood donation reduces risk of heart attack and liver ailments diseases by overload of iron in the body. The iron rich diet and increase iron levels in the body, excessive iron stored in heart, liver and pancreas. This elements increase the risk of heart attack, damage to pancreas, liver failure, and abnormalities of heart.


Some other Benefits of blood donation reduced risk of hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is a health situation that arises due to excess inclusion of iron by the body. This may be inborn or may be caused due to alcoholism, anemia or other diseases. Blood donation may help to reduce iron.

Burns calories:

Single blood donation helps you shed 650 Kcal. This can support your body weight control. However, blood donated safely once in three months and not more frequently. This will depend on health position and blood hemoglobin and iron levels.


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